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Gramercy Park Insider

I have over two decades of experience as a real estate agent specializing in selling apartments on and around Gramercy Park; being an established real estate agent and an expert gives me a strong understanding of the inner workings of each apartment building, most of which are cooperatives; my clients benefit from years of experience doing transactions in these apartment buildings.

I have created this map of the Gramercy Park neighborhood to highlight the major residential apartment buildings. As a real estate agent specializing in apartments I have had the privilege of listing and selling apartments in more than half of these apartment buildings, often listing and selling a plurality of apartments in the same apartment building and sometimes the same apartment several times.

Gramercy Park is one of the most coveted residential neighborhoods in downtown Manhattan for apartment buyers. Over the years the Manhattan residential real estate market has traversed through its share of peaks and valleys, first on account of the unfortunate events of 2001 and then the crash of the global financial markets in 2008. Through both these events, as a real estate agent who specializes in apartment buildings on Gramercy Park, it was my observation that prices never fell more than approximately 5% compared to other neighborhoods of Manhattan, however, at the end of each valley the peak prices for apartments soared higher than the previous peaks for apartments and that is a historical fact.
As a real estate agent, I am often approached by prospective buyers wanting to purchase an apartment of a particular size in a particular building on Gramercy Park, as the inventory of apartments on Gramercy Park is often very low, potential buyers of these apartments are willing to wait till their desired apartment comes on the market for resale, such is the allure of Gramercy Park.

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